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Current Flavours

Our flavours tend to change with the seasons along with the ingredients available to us. Summer will see lots of ice cream and sorbet with the abundance of in-season delicious fruits. In the cooler months we make plenty of ice cream that can be paired well with warm winter desserts. That's not to say you can't sit in front of a roaring fire and eat it straight from the tub.

Flavours you can order now are: 


Vanilla Bean
Fresh Mint & Chocolate
Strawberries & Cream
Honey Vanilla
 Cafe Au Lait
Earl Grey
 Spiced Chai
Lemon Delicious

Green Apple
Zesty Orange
Gin & Tonic (alcoholic)
Whiskey Sour (alcoholic)

If we are lucky enough to have an abundance of a particular fruit at the end of its season, rather than letting it go to waste, we might just freeze it while it's at its best and use it later on.