Our Story

When our son was born, our ice cream intake increased dramatically. Exhausted from nights with little sleep and long days we turned to ice cream to provide a sweet evening fix. At the same time we were becoming increasingly aware of the long list of ingredients found in commercial ice cream - most of which seemed unnecessary and were even contrary to delicious and satisfying ice cream. So we started to make our own. We kept it simple, using only quality and natural ingredients.

Then one  hot summer's day in 2015 there was a knock at our door (in our then home) in Powlett St.  A friend was there with her dogs and a rapidly melting box of ice creams just purchased from the supermarket - a surprise gift for the littlest member of the family. In exchange we filled a paper cup with some Gin &  Tonic Sorbet we had made the day before. Not long after we received a message from her -  "You have to do something with this!".
And we are. 


  • We are based in Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges in Victoria. 
  • Our ice cream and sorbet is handmade in small batches, from scratch, using only a handful of fresh and natural ingredients.
  • We don't yet have a retail space - find out how to buy here.
  • Our ice cream is made from a traditional custard base using only full cream milk, pure cream, raw sugar and egg yolk from eggs sourced from local pasture raised chickens. 
  • We use no stabilisers, no gums, no additives, and definitely no artificial flavours - in fact all our flavours come from the addition of fresh ingredients or are extracted by us from raw or dry ingredients. Our only concession to this policy, is using couverture chocolate in our Fresh Mint and Crushed Chocolate Ice Cream. 
  • We use top shelf spirits in our alcoholic sorbets including Melbourne Gin Company gin. 
  • We flow with the seasons, using local availability of ingredients to inspire our ice cream and sorbet production.
  • We try to source from local producers wherever possible. We'd love to hear from you if you think you have something we'd love to use